Dance Floor-Solid Wood

Dance Floor-Solid Wood

Dance Floor-Solid Wood

  • Product No.: TG-DFS


                   Tourgo Solid Wood Dance Floor   

 Tourgo Dance Floor are also called Dancing Floor or Dance Plate .

Which are consist of Dancing pate with Dancing floor edgings as following display :

A,Application of Dance Floor :Hotels, bars, schools..ect all related performance Venues.

B,Standard size : 
600*600*25mm-Match with floor edging:910*910*25mm 
1000*1000*25mm-Match with floor edging:1100*100*25mm

Note: Brown ,Black , White colors are available

Floor edgings :Right-angle side and angle side are made of aluminum alloy and the top surface are gold anodized processing ,Fastness.
Frames of floor plate : are made of Special aluminum alloy material ,width 50mm ,with groove or convex edge ,easy to set up .
 Floor plate: are made of 15mm high density MDF ,the top surface are pieced by10mm thickness high quality teak batten
 and are processing with spray paint.

D, Feature of Dance Floor :
Lightweight and easily portable
Engineered for both indoor and outdoor use - It’s100% waterproof and resistant to warping and staining.
Installation is a simple, No tools required – simply “snap” together to form any size custom dance floor and event floor

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