Enhanced Double-Wall Portable Sound Insulation Recording Vocal Music Studio Booth

Enhanced Double-Wall Portable Sound Insulation Recording Vocal Music Studio Booth

Our sound isolation booths significantly reduce ambient and acoustic noise and can be used as vocal booths for recording music, voice over or translations, as a broadcast booth, musical instrument practice booth, office solutions, medical or audiology tes

  • Product No.: TG-6084E


Product Type:
Studio Recording Booth
Lighting System
4000K natural light / 150Lsx
Power Supply System
110-240V/50Hz & 12V-USB
External size
158*218*216cm(suit for 4-5 person)
observation window size
16″ x 30″ Door Window
Thickness of the wall
20cm(Enhanced wall)
sound insulation cotton, sound absorbing cotton, sound insulation felt,
metal sound insulation felt, large core board, sound insulation solid wood,
aluminum-plastic panel.
Exhaust System
50W,Low noise and refreshing internal air in 3-minute operating efficiency
Sound insulation
Wood case
Detailed Images
Big side wall window
TourGo Booth remote fan units have a 38dB noise rating. This slight noise can be eliminated by positioning each fan into an Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS). The number of EFS units needed depends on the size of the booth and the number of ventilation systems required.
LED Lights are intended to provide customers with basic startup lighting. It is understood that most customers will ultimately purchase and install lighting fixtures more suitable to their individual needs and desires. One or two lights are provided
depending on the enclosure’s size.
Effective air circulation is accomplished by acoustically engineered, detachable ventilation systems which circulate air at a rate of 80 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The number of systems required depends on the size of the TourgoBooth unit. Roof-mount ventilation systems are also available for most models.
External electrical switch with fuse
Door locker
Office desk is designed to help you maximize your workspace. Two USB outlets and two 120-volt outlets are conveniently attached to the desk so you can plug right in. The 30″ wide red oak desk is attached to a backing panel with adjustable hinges. This gives you the flexibility to fold the desk down and make more space in the booth when you decide not to use it. Can be installed on the inside or outside of your Booth.
Cable Passages Access for communications such as microphones, headphones, speakers, and electrical cables is accomplished by way
of slotted rubber cable passage plugs. Simply remove the plug, insert the cable(s) into the slots and re-insert the plug into the wall. Two or more cable passage plugs are provided with each booth and each will accommodate multiple cables. The number of cable passages depends on the size of the unit.Also, an additional cable passage is located at the base of each optional window component.


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