Speaker Case for Dual Meyer UPA-1A Speakers

Speaker Case for Dual Meyer UPA-1A Speakers

Speaker Case for Dual Meyer UPA-1A Speakers

  • Product No.: TGUPA-1A


Model TGUPA-1A road case, which is a pullover style case, suitable for housing two Meyer UPA-1A speakers. This case could also be suitable for other makes and models of speakers.
The side panels are constructed with 3/8 inch hardwood plywood and covered with a black ABS laminate surface. The extrusion is all aluminum and assembled with aluminum rivets. The rivets on the 8 recessed handles are backed with washers to ensure strength and durability and the inside of the case is fully lined with 3/8" closed cell foam rubber. The tray and lid both have dividers to keep the speakers separated.

The TGUPA-1A case is equipped with 4 recessed butterfly latches to secure the cover to the tray and four 4" swivel casters are included, two of which are locking style.  The casters mount to a 3/4" plywood caster board.

• Manufacturer: Tourgo
• Model:   TGUPA-1A
• Type:  Pullover road case for various PA speakers including Meyer UPA-1A

Inside dimensions:
• Left to right of each compartment:  14 3/4"
• Front to back:  14 3/8"
• Tray height:  2 3/4"
• Lid clearance:  20"
• Total inside height:  22 3/4"

Outside dimensions:
• Left to right:  32 3/4"  measured at ball corners
• Front to back:  16 3/4" measured at ball corners
• Height:  30 5/8" measured on casters
• Color:  Black
• Actual weight:  54 lbs.
• Shipping weight:  68 lbs.
• Dimensional shipping weight:  104 lbs.


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