Heavy Duty 7m Lighting Truss Crank Stand Lift Tower TourGo

Heavy Duty 7m Lighting Truss Crank Stand Lift Tower TourGo

TOURGO Aluminum Crank up stand – Max load 260kg Max height7m

Crank stands features our exclusive direct drive, rack and pinion design in place of the traditional, problem prone, old cable system found today on traditional stands. The exclusive leg system found on allows this stand to be used on any solid surface with foot variance of -30° + 90° with unique fine adjustment.

Lighting Truss Crank Stand 7m Lift Tower Advantages:

Greater lifting power

Lighter carrying weight

Fewer or no maintenance issues

Precision height setup with centimeters/inches automatic lock

Fast onsite installation

Lower shipping costs.

Crank Stand Details:

Crank Stand Applications:
Lighting Truss
Performance Stage
Stage Curtain
Company Activities
Indoor & Outdoor Stage Rental