Tourgo Truss system for Election Cell 2013 ,Pakistan

   Tourgo Truss system are worked for Election Cell 2013  ,Pakistan

On 9th,May,2013,there is a very hot program are hold by Election Cell 2013 in  Pakistan,which is based in the
Geo Election cell Headquarters. It is an introduction to the elections, an in-depth analysison districts and major
cities of Pakistan, an explanation of each political party's manifestos and a holisticoverview of your candidates
and what they will bring to your country. It is the one show that will give it'sviewers what they need to know about
their candidates so that they can make a well informed decision on who to vote for. 

We Tourgo Electronics Ltd .is Very lucky to get this opportunity to provide all of related truss system for  Election Cell 2013 .