Wireless Microphone Utility Cases with Pick Foam

Wireless Microphone Utility Cases with Pick Foam

Wireless Utility Cases with Pick Foam

  • Product No.: TGWIRELESS


In order to house virtually and wireless unit out there including Senheisser, AKG, Shure and Nady etc. TGWIRELESS Fits almost all the models as the pick foam ables you to cut the inside space according to the specification of your equipments. Simply pick out the magic Foam to customize your case for the perfect fit. If your needs change down the line, just change the foam inserts

Product Dimension:21.5" W x 19" D x 4.5" H 
Weight: 10.5lbs

Product Features:
* Beefy, Stackable Corners
* ATA 300 Rating
* Premium 3/8inch(9mm) laminated plywood
* Recessed, Industrial Grade Latches
* Double Anchor Industrial Rivets
* Recessed, Industrial Spring Action Handles
* Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
* Easy double lock with key


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