TourGo Portable Event Stage Rental Folding Stage Risers with Stage Platform for Sale

Square platforms are the most common and versatile stage platform as they allow for near endless combinations and stage expansion. Square platforms act as the main building component for most typical stage designs and can be further customized by the addition of Quarter Round and Triangle platforms

Modular Stage Feature:

1,Our modular stage is movable,portable,deluxe,folding but strong ,reusable and security.

2,Smart modular design allows you to use the same stage for all your needs and change the size,height and shape as you need.

3,It’s very easy to build a beautiful portable stage by any single person.

4,Widely used in many different events,shows,conference.competition,exhibition and so on.


Modular Stage Applications:

* Concert stage                                                                              * Exhibition stage

* Wedding stage                                                                            * DJ stage

* Performance stage                                                                      * Party stage

* Festival stage                                                                              * Event stage

* Company activities                                                                      * Indoor & outddor stage rental

* Fashion show catwalk stage


Modular Stage System Options:

1) 8ft x 8ft stage system

2) 8ft x 12ft stage system

3) 12ft x 12ft stage system

4) 12ft x 16ft stage system

5) 12ft x 20ft stage system

6) 12ft x 24ft stage system

7) 16ft x 16ft stage system


Modular Stage Platform Options:

Modular Stage Details:

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